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Dental bonding

A dental bonding treatment is a simple procedure that takes a dentist about half an hour per tooth to complete. The process is usually painless and is often performed without local anesthesia or sedation dentistry, unless the bonding is being used for a tooth filling.


First, your dentist prepares the tooth for dental bonding. Your dentist uses a shade guide to select a composite resin that closely matches the natural color of your teeth. Your tooth will be roughened up a bit and then a conditioning material is applied to help the resin better adhere to the tooth.


Finally, your dentist uses an ultraviolet light or laser dentistry to harden the resin. After the resin has hardened, the dentist may trim and shape the tooth as needed. The final touch is a little polishing to make sure the sheen of your bonded tooth looks just like the rest of your natural teeth.