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Preventive Dental care

Preventive Dental care helps to keep your teeth healthier for a lifetime:

At Optim dental we create a comfortable experience by helping our patients take their oral health seriously, and improve the outcome of their smile for their entire life.Some of the preventive aspects for your tooth and preventive services that we provide include:


Routine Dental Exams:


Early diagnosis of dental needs or concerns can help prevent dental emergencies and expensive dental treatments in the future. Our dentists conduct very comprehensive examinations to highlight areas of need. From analyzing strength of tooth enamel to evaluating growth and eruption patterns, every patient receives a comprehensive screenings needed to make necessary treatments for a healthy tooth.


Digital X-Rays:


We have advanced digital x-rays that make the x-ray process very quickly for our patients. By displaying our x-rays visible on a digital screen, patients can see what is going on for their tooth. By using digital radiography it allows us to better communicate with patients, reduces radiation, and shortens the time you or your family needs to spend in the dental office.


Preventive Cleanings:


A professional cleaning will remove bacteria from the mouth that can cause gingivitis, cavities, and dental infections that internally affect the appearance of the teeth. We recommend that every patient receive a cleaning every 6 months, unless there are severe oral hygiene concerns or active gum disease that is determined by our Optim Dental Care dentist.


Kids Dental Care

Optim Dental recommends that children have their first dental exam around the time that their first teeth erupt, or no later than their 1st birthday.