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Compassionate Root Canal Treatment

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Root canal procedures become necessary when a cavity spreads all the way to the pulp. There are other times when deep restorations or trauma to a tooth can cause nerve damage to the point that it needs a root canal procedure.

If an infection continues, it will eat away at the surrounding bone causing an abscess. An abscess can be extremely painful and can also weaken your entire immune system.

Since an infected nerve cannot heal on its own, it's vital that you seek help at Optim Dental so that we can treat your condition and recommend any procedures. Same-day and emergency appointments are available. We offer 0% interest financing and offer payment plans as well.
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"Thank you guys so much for getting my exam, x-ray and extraction done in TWO DAYS! I have been through hell finding an oral surgeon that takes a medical card in my area. You guys were quick and easy! I LOVED the lady with green eyes at the front desk and also the lady who took me back and talked to me and had me laughing before getting it done."

Bria Smith, Facebook Review
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